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 Beriana's char sheet

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PostSubject: Beriana's char sheet   Beriana's char sheet I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 7:20 pm

Basic Information~

[Name]: Beriana Valiedhiel
[Age]: 26
[Gender]: female
[Race]: Lycanthrope
[Alignment]: Chaotic Good


[Height]: 5' 11"
[Eye Color]: Green
[Hair Color]: Blonde
[Hair Style]: Long, wavy
[Complexion]: Creamy Pale
[Build]: Full figured, lean
[Disfigurements]: Claw marks running down her back from left shoulder to right hip.

[Clothing Owned]: A white gown, and a wolf skin cape.
[Skills]: Shapeshifting

[Fear]: Silver
[Dislike]: Being chased
[Like]: Interesting smells
[Quirks]: She doesn't like having someone standing behind her.
[Additude]: Outgoing, tolerant to a point.

[Father]: Disowned
[Mother]: Disowned
[Brothers]: Disowned
[Sisters]: Disowned
[Soul Siblings]: Tegren Valiedhiel {Deceased}
[Life Mates]: None
[Recognized]: None
[Children]: None
[Other Relatives]: None

[Character History]: She was a normal human girl, living on her families farm...until 10 years ago. She was walking from the barn to the house when she heard a nightmarish growling sound behind her. She didn't even turn around, she didn't want to know what horrible creature was behind her, hunting her. She burst into a run, heading for the house, screaming for her father. The creature lunged at her, taking her down just feet from the safety of her front door. Her father burst out of the door just as the creature started to claw and bite at her, trying to get to a vulnerable spot for a killing bite. Her father drove the creature off with a torch and a pitchfork that was leaning against the house near the door. He carried his badly injured daughter back into the house, and gave her over to her mother's care. Her mother nursed her through delerious fevers and bone wracking chills for a week. But the terrible injuries healed much too quickly. Her father was suspicious. She was seemingly back to her old self within two weeks of the incident, when everyone had thought she would die. Her father emptied the barn of animals on the day of the full moon and locked her inside. The growling and bangs from the barn that night terrified her family and proved her fathers suspicions. The next morning he opened the doors to the barn and drove his daughter from the family farm, yelling at her that she was a monster and no longer a daughter of his.

She roamed for a short time, before she was found by a Pack. Tegren quickly took her under his wing, teaching her and defending her. The pack leader decided he wanted her, but Tegren fought him and died. She ran from the pack, and wander until finding this land.
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Beriana's char sheet
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