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 Aphrael's sheet

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PostSubject: Aphrael's sheet   Aphrael's sheet I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 02, 2010 11:40 am

~ Basics ~
Name: Aphrael Star De Phoenix
Age: 3,000 but appears to be 7
Gender: female
Class: Healer/Warrior
Race: Elf/Ice Phoenix/Child Goddess
Alignment: Angelic good

~ Appearance ~
Height: 5'4
weight: 110
Eyes: bluish silver
Hair Color: blue
Hair Style: long and braided
Complexion: fair or with a blue tint
Build: tought built
Scars: whip marks on her back and one on her right bicep from a knife thrown at her.
tattoos: some kind of tribal markings on her back that seals her soul to the one put them there.

~ Personal ~
Weapons: chains on her wrists, twin blue crystal swords
Clothing: short shirt and short skirt
Important Items: her locket of her mother
Dialects Spoken: common, phoenix and Styric

~ Self ~
Fear: fire
Dislike: unknown
Like: elves and flowers
Quirks: hyper
Flaws: she stays quiet and likes to play tricks

~ Family ~
Mother: Shiva, queen of ice phoenixes (where abouts are unknown)
Father: Cirdan (adoptived), Raider (real father)
Brothers: none
Sisters: Malina
Life mates: no one
Recognized: Aphrael, Madien of Ice
Children: Gina and Mina
Other Relatives: one uncle

~ History ~
Magic: ice magic
Personality: She is very shy. she hardly talks but when she does its hard for her to be quiet again.

Character’s History:
A sacred bird born of snow and ice, she lived happily high in the mountains. She flow around her mountain home day after day. Aphrael would also turn into her human form and hike around the mountains from time to time. She soon grew bored of her daily routine and began flying farther out to explore the lands, usually staying in the northern regions preferring to stay in cold areas. She had always watched humans, but never got too close to them. One day she saw a group of humans and decided to fly down to them, little did she know that this group of humans where hunters, geared to capture special creatures. She manage to escape, but not without injuries. She landed in a forest nearby and took her human form to recover her strength, but that was a mistake. The hunters had followed her and captured her. They then kept her in a state where she would be unable to regain her full power and sealed what little power she did have left.
The leader of the hunters kept her to himself. He didn't want such a rare prize to get away. With her powers sealed he allowed her to wander around freely in her new home. Daily he would abuse her, but physcially and mentally. While her master slept, she would wander around the mansion, going through books looking for a way to restore her powers. She had finally found a way to break free of the spell the hunters placed on her, but the day she planned on freeing herself, her master brutally beat her to an inch of her life. She managed to crawl back to her room, blacking out on her bed. As soon as she wake she prepared her unbinding spell. The moment she was done her master bursted through the door. He couldn't have came at a better time. As he came over to hit her, she froze his arm andit broke off. She then went to freeze his other arm and legs, leaving him laying on the ground screaming in pain with only his torso and head. She left the mansion after turning it into a giant block of ice. Aphrael knows not all humans are as cruel as her former, but she is wary whenever she approaches one, not knowing if they are friend or will cause her the same pain as her former master did. But the next day some slavers found her on the ground unconscious so they enslaved her again.
Aphrael has been a slave when she met her adoptived father. He found her in the slave pits badly hurt. She kept to herself most of the time. Once she got to know him she became more like a real daughter to him. She barely knew her real mother but she keeps a locket about her from when she died. She cried for about 3 months about her mother. Thats when she was in the slave pits ot the market.
Aphrael had been sold to many owners but she ran and sold to Cirdan when he found her. Still to this very day she keeps to herself unless she gets into a fight with her sister Malina. Some say that Malina and her look like twins. Aphrael had made many new friends over the years. Some she forgotten and others who gladly open their hearts to the young girl who really never grows up. You might had heard a story about an ageless child with the wisdom of the world maybe those stories are true. Aphrael hardly talks about those stories but when she hears them you can tell she might be the one from those stories of old. Some have said they could see a twinkle in her eyes as she listened to them but she then would disappear in a blink of an eye.

~ Pets ~
Name: Black Shadow
Species: dark ice phoenix
Gender: male
Age: unknown
Personality: he is kind when he wants to be, but he is more like her guardian then anything else.

~ Powers ~
(brown= attack, green= skills, and orange= defense)
Blizzard- She summons up a powerful ice/snow and wind storm.
Transformation- She changes her form at will into a gaint black and blue phoenix, a girl, or a beautiful young woman.
Sword Craftmanship- She creates swords with crystals and ice. the ice in these weapons will never melt or will they break.
Summon- She can summon her twin swords from anywhere in the world.
Blue Flames- These flames melt the flesh from the body, while they freeze the soul and bones.
Telepath- She can speak with anyone with the powers of her mind.
Energy Blast- She uses this attack when she is in danger. She focuses her flames, ice, and will into an energy attack.
Chain Attack- She swings the broken chain and shackles with flames surrounding them and herself.
Ice Blast- She focuses all her icy power into one attack.
Flame Wall- She focuses all her icy blue flames into a shield to protect herself or anyone that is close by. this shield drains her of all power and energy.
Double Slash- She focuses enough power into her swords to attack with a double slash ability.
Triple attack- She uses her feet, swords and ice magic in this very powerful and strong attack.
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Aphrael's sheet
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