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 Akira's sheet

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PostSubject: Akira's sheet   Akira's sheet I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 7:44 pm

Name: Akira Tepes
Age: 22
Gender: male
Class: knight
Race: Lycan
Alignment: good

~ Appearance ~
Height: 6 foot even
Eyes: Gray blue
Hair Color: black
Hair Style: messy out of bed hair
Complexion: fair
Build: athletic 
Scars: one from left shoulder to right hip

~ Personal ~
Weapons: none
Clothing: a jacket with fur around the hood and only buttons down to the sternum and black pants and barefoot
Important Items: none
Magick: none
Dialects Spoken: common

~ Self ~
Fear: unknown
Dislike: strong smells
Like: doing his job
Quirks: kinda goofy
Flaws: can be cold at times

~ Family ~
Mother: dead
Father: dead
Brothers: none
Sisters: none
Soul Siblings: none
Life mates: none
Other Relatives:none

~ History ~
Skills: he is very fast and agile with a strong scene of smell
Personality: he is goofy but can be coldhearted at times
Character’s History: Akira was a Knight of the Earth Clan. They were the protectors of a vampireic family till they were all killed while he was away on work for the leader of the clan. He came back and found his mother and father dead and no trace of the vampires so he set out to find out what happened when he came across this new realm.
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Akira's sheet
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