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 Sergei's sheet

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PostSubject: Sergei's sheet   Sergei's sheet I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 7:48 pm

Name: Sergei Xavier Kristof
Age: 22
Gender: male
Class: wanderer
Race: were-beast
Alignment: neutral

~ Appearance ~
Height: 6' 8''
Weight: 225
Eyes: blue-green eyes, like deep sea water
Hair Color: blond
Hair Style: chin length spiky
Complexion: tanish to the light side
Build: large frame and muscular
Scars: claw marks that run from top left side of his face to the bottom right side of his chin

~ Personal ~
Weapons: a large black steel two handed claymore that has large amounts of silver in it
Clothing: black pants a black tank top and a tan long sleeve over coat
Important Items: long platinum chain with a silver dollar sized sapphire on it
Magick: shape shifting
Dialects Spoken: universal

~ Self ~
Fear: silver
Dislike: silver
Like: quiet
Quirks: hates gloves
Flaws: acts before he gets all the facts

~ Family ~
Mother: Rachel (dead killed by father)
Father: Alexi (dead killed by Sergei)
Brothers: none
Sisters: none
Soul Siblings: none
Life mates: none
Recognized: none
Children: none
Other Relatives: all dead

~ History ~
Skills: fighting, tracking, and leading
Personality: doesnt talk much but makes up for it with action
Character’s History:
Like in a lot of older societies...inheritance was passed through the females of the bloodline, because lets face it, a woman can carry anyone's baby, but if it comes out of her body everyone knows it is hers
The necklace Sergei wears is a symbol of leadership of the pack. Sergei doesn't know this though, because when Alexi mated to Rachel he became the pack leader through her, but without her he was nothing. When he started killing the males off he forbid anyone to talk about the symbolic power of the necklace. Then when Alexi killed Rachel he walked away from her body for a short time, trying to figure out how to keep ruling what was left of the pack. Sergei was secretly watching, from where Rachel had hidden him, when Alexi left he crawled out to Rachel, who wasn't as dead as Alexi thought, she told Sergei she loved him, gave Sergei the necklace and told him to hide it from his father, but died before she could tell him anything else.
Alexi started killing the stronger females that night, accusing them of having killed his mate. He started taking the weaker females as slaves or prisoners right away. Sergei tried to tell his father that what he was doing was wrong, but was beaten every time he did. He soon quit trying to talk to his father and started doing what he could to help the females. Giving them food, hiding mistakes they made from his father so they wouldn't be punished.
Alexi searched for the necklace constantly, going on rampages where he would beat a few of the females to death in front of everyone else, asking where the necklace was. Only one person knew about the necklace besides Sergei, one of the older females that was his caretaker. She told him not to give the necklace to his father, no matter what. That his mother told him to hide it for a reason and that Alexi would do much worse to everyone if he had the necklace. When Sergei was 17 his father beat Sergei's caretaker to death in front of him. Sergei was finally big enough and strong enough to challenge his father.
He charged at his father, yelling that he was going to kill him. They fought for a long time, but Sergei was younger and stronger, so he was beating Alexi. He knocked Alexi to the ground, Sergei leaned over Alexi to hit him again, but Alexi reached out and tore at Sergei's chest, clawing at him to keep him off of him. Sergei's shirt ripped, and the necklace fell through one of the tears. Seeing the object that had eluded him for so long dangling just inches in front of his face, Alexi lost what little mind he had left. He slipped a glove from his pocket, the fingers were tipped with silver claws. Alexi raked the glove across Sergei's face blinding him for a moment, Alexi kicked Sergei in the chest sending him flying backwards.
Alexi then jumped on top of Sergei, but before he could do more than hit Sergei a few times, Sergei reached up and ripped out his throat. Alexi slide off of Sergei, hitting his side on the ground. A horrible gurgling sound issues from between his lips as he glares up at his killer....his son. Sergei turns away from his father's dying body. He picks up the broken body of the woman that had taken care of him since his mother's murder and carries her to a bedroom. He lays her body down on the bed and covers her gently. He then goes to free the females. Some are dead, most are dying, a very few are alive but so very weak from all they had endured that they likely won't survive either. Shortly afterwards everyone died. Since there was nothing left of the hell he had called home, he burned the place to the ground and left, to journey and perhaps one day find a new place to call home....
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Sergei's sheet
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