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~ Basics ~
Name: Topaz Windwhisper
Alias: Topaz is her Elven name, and Windwhisper is her Draconian name
Age: 300
Gender: Female
Race: Elf/ Dragon cross breed
Alignment: Varies

~ Appearance ~
Height: 6'3"
Eyes: Slitted pupil, with metallic golden irises and a green ring around the edges
Hair Color: Deep black
Hair Style: Long hair, usually loose
Complexion: Pale, with a faint pearlesent undertone
Build: Slender, but well toned
Scars: None

~ Personal ~
Weapons: A staff with a sickle like blade
Clothing: Either Elven traveling leathers or a dress and cloak.
Important Items: A long staff with a sickle like blade on the end. The wooden shaft of the staff is beautifully carved with climbing vines and leaves, which are so detailed that you would expect them to rustle in the breeze. However;hidden within the intricate carvings there are runes both Elven and Draconian in nature, most of the runes grant the weilder added strength, dexterity, stamina, healing and defensive abilities, but not even Topaz herself knows what all of them are for. The staff was cut out of what is refered to as "Iron Wood" by some, only the most skilled wood carving masters can cut this wood and it is only able to be worked with for a few days after it is cut, since once the wood dries out it takes on a metal like hardness which nothing can cut. The blade is dwarven work, and has the basic runes carved into it that all mastersmiths add to their finest works; runes to insure sharpness, prevent rusting and to keep the metal from breaking. You will find Elven and Draconian runes here as well, neither Topaz nor any of the Elven or Draconian Elders can say what they mean.
Magick: Elven High Magic, Draconian Magic and Shapeshifting
Dialects Spoken: Common, Elvish and Draconian

~ Family ~
Mother: Windsong
Father: Tannis Leafturner
Brothers: None
Sisters: None
Soul Siblings: None
Life mates: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: None

~ History ~
Skills: Wood lore, tracking, melee fighter, magic user
Personality: Distrustful and cynical, but a good companion.
Character’s History: A young male Elf, a mere 200 years old, was hunting in the woods far from his home. He heard a huge crashing noise coming from the distance and quickly rushed to see what was causing it. When he arrived in the general area where he believed the noise had come from he discovered a prone figure, upon closer examination he discovered it to be an unconcious and nude Elven maiden. He carefully woke her and soon realized that she had no memories, not even her own name. He took her to his home, to help her recover and hoped that she would eventually regain her memories. A few decades passed and Topaz was born. On the third day after her birth, her mother and father took her to the Elders, for down her spine she had grown tiny, thin scales. The Elders informed the worried parents that these scales looked remarkably like the scales of a dragon. Upon hearing this Topaz's mother let out a wail that slowly turned into a roar as her form seemed to split and a Dragon emerged from the husk. The Dragon looked down upon the Elven man that she had loved so dearly, for so long, and mourned, for she could never rejoin him. She had been cursed into the form of an elf, and the birth of her daughter set her free.
Topaz grew up as an outcast, she left her home far earlier than most elves. She made camp one day and went to sleep, when she awoke the next morning it was to find an enormous white tiger watching her from a few feet away. Next to the tiger lay a staff with a blade on the end. She knocked an arrow to her bow and drew it back, she took aim at the tiger, but it continued to watch her peacefully. She released the tension from the string. "If you were going to hurt me, you would have done it already." To her astonisment, she understood the tiger when he replied "Yes, but that is not why I am here. I am Yaniff, and I will be joining you. The staff is meant for you."
The two have traveled together ever since.
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