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PostSubject: Loreli BlackRose Profile   Loreli BlackRose Profile I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 27, 2013 12:31 pm

Name: Loreli Blackrose
Alias: Niniel, Etienne
Age: 313
Species: Fea /Vampire
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 88lbs
Affiliation: None
Rank: High Elf
Speech Sylvean

Weapons: None.
Powers: She is still discovering her potentials. Can control waters, open portals although they may not open to where she intends. Power over animals and plants.
Allignment: Chaotic Good
Strengths: Love of her family.
Weaknesses: Anything shiny will distract her; Cold Iron will weaken her to the point of death. Her tear locket, the one whom possesses it possesses her and a promise of power. If given freely to another, she will pine away if they are not with her. Her family, The ocean pulls her. Overly cautious, distrustful, submissive at times.
Quirks: Childlike quality. Tends to get into lots of trouble. At times makes games of things, following fea law.

Friends: Tessa Sparrabeth, Cpt. Connor
Enemies: Mortis Nevar, Twist
Family: Aiden Bishop Blackrose, Son: Aiden Mc Cloud Blackrose, Daughter: Briar Blackrose

History: Born of a High Elvin King and a Fea mother whom died at her birth, her ancestry is unknown, but of significant importance. Taken from her family at a young age by a man whom desired her powers, she suffered many fates at his cruel hands. After many years of patiently waiting, she found her escape and fled finding a new life with her Sire and mate Aiden Bishop Blackrose, After many more fates, she once again found herself an outcast until Aiden collected her and their children to begin a new life safe from harm.

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Loreli BlackRose Profile
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