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 A New Start.

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A New Start. Empty
PostSubject: A New Start.   A New Start. I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2012 8:45 am

The morning sun would be slowly rising over the horizon warming the mist covered grounds. The soft golden ray of sunlight kissing the tree tops waking the birds and other wild life with its warmth. The gentle southern breeze blowing through the meadows and over streams, bending blades of soft lush green grass. As the sun would rise higher in the sky it would chase away the black ink night sky and the shining stars above. Its warmth would slowly lift the mist off the ground reviling a shadowy figure walking down a road softly humming a song as it walks. Looking around hearing the early morning sounds of the city ahead she would stop and take a moment to bring her hand up to her face and push her hood back long flowing red hair would fall about her shoulders down to the middle of her back. A smile would play on her soft tender lips as she would give thanks to her Goddess/God for getting her their safely and with little to no trouble at all. Taking a moment to get her breath she would lean forward on her staff resting a bit. Dressed in garbs of white and blue with silver trimming. Standing there for a moment she would send a thank you prayer up to the Goddess/God for showing her the path to get here and for the many blessing they have bestowed upon her. Taking a extra moment she would look up at the city entrance seeing the towering walls lined with guards a small smile played on her lips being the friendly sort would greet people as they pass by her with a hello or a good morning. She would be looking around for a temple as she would slowly make her way into the city to let them know that she is her visiting as part of her pilgrimage.
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A New Start.
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