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 The twins profile

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Gina and Mina

Gina and Mina

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PostSubject: The twins profile   The twins profile I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 08, 2012 8:03 am

~ Basics ~
Names: Gina and Mina
Age: 14
Gender: female
Class: unknown
Race: Phoenix/human (Mina) Phoenix/Demon/Human (Gina)
Alignment: Angelic good (Mina) Demonic evil (Gina)

~ Appearance ~
Height: 5'4"
weight: 100 pounds for each of them
Eyes: Mina: bluish silver
Gina: reddish brown
Hair Color: Mina: bluish like Aphrael
Gina: blonde
Hair Style: long down to their butts
Complexion: fair
Build: tought built
Scars: none
tattoos: Mina: a rose on her ankle
Gina: demon wings on her back

~ Personal ~
Weapons: Daggers
Clothing: long pink dresses with blue edges or red edges (Blue for Mina and red for Gina)
Important Items: none
Dialects Spoken: common, phoenix and Demon

~ Self ~
Fear: being chased off
Dislike: Gina dislikes being around others while Mina dislikes Gina's behavior
Like: Mina likes to read while Gina likes to play pranks
Quirks: hyper
Flaws: their demonic looks at times

~ Family ~
Mother: Aphrael
Father: Algaliarept
Brothers: none
Sisters: one each other
Life mates: none
Recognized: Gina and Mina
Children: none
Other Relatives: who knows?

~ History ~
Magic: ice/demon magic
Personality: Mina is shy while Gina is brat

Character’s History: the twins grew up on the run from the demon Algaliarept with their mother Aphrael. Mina followed in her mother's footsteps in training with her phoenix powers while Gina followed in Al's footsteps. It has been a few years since the destruction of their first home Rivendell. They have come to see an old friend and to start up things again. The girls wanted to show off for everyone they knew but they just found out everyone they knew when they were younger had moved on.

~ Powers ~
(brown= attack, green= skills, and orange= defense)
Blizzard- they summons up a powerful ice/snow and wind storm.
Transformation- they changes her form at will into a gaint black and blue phoenix, a girl.
Sword Craftmanship- they creates daggers with crystals and ice. the ice in these weapons will never melt or will they break.
Summon- they can summon their daggers from anywhere in the world.
Blue Flames- These flames melt the flesh from the body, while they freeze the soul and bones.
Telepath- they can speak with anyone with the powers of their mind.
Energy Blast- they use this attack when they are in danger. they focuses their flames, ice, and will into an energy attack.
Ice Blast- they focuses all their icy power into one attack.
Flame Wall- they focuses all their icy blue flames into a shield to protect themselves or anyone that is close by. this shield drains them of all power and energy.
Double Slash- they focuses enough power into their daggers to attack with a double slash ability.
Triple attack- they uses their feet, daggers and ice magic in this very powerful and strong attack.

the demonic powers are unknown at this time.
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The twins profile
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