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Basics ~
Name: Makaela Reiren
Alias: Silver
Age: 487 yrs old
Gender: Female
Class: Royalty
Race: Peralda (human father, elven mother)
Alignment: Good

~ Appearance ~
Height: 5’9”
Eyes: Lavender
Hair Color: Silver (thus the name)
Hair Style: Long, wavy with slight curl at the end
Complexion: Very fair
Build: Thin, but muscular
Scars: Emotional

~ Personal ~
Weapons: Quiver of arrows and bows, sword
Clothing: Midnight blue cloak with large silver rose on the back, white shirt with loose sleeves, tan pants (general hunting garb), white leather gloves and boots with laces in a criss-cross fashion up to the joints (elbows and knees)
Important Items: Flute that collapses to fit in a small satchel at her waist, a locket at her throat
Magic: mostly optical illusions, but ones that you can feel, taste and smell as well. Her emotions tend to affect the weather around her, ie if she gets really angry the sky gets stormy. Also, when she is emotional, the tattoo on the back of her neck begins to glow. Depending on the severity, depends on the brightness. It has a blue glow. The color of the tattoo is very important because that is also the ranking of who is in line for the throne of Haldain.
Dialects Spoken: English and Elven, but only a few words will be or may be spoken in Elven.

~ Self ~
Fear: The unknown, not knowing who she is; due to her past, she has a difficult time of trusting others
Dislike: fools
Like: people who genuinely help others with nothing to gain themselves
Quirks: silly at times, likes to entertain those who emotionally need it.
Flaws: doesn’t trust very easily, prefers to be alone, yet longs for someone to talk to.

~ Family ~
Mother: Elven, Queen of Haldain ~ Elira
Father: Human, King of Haldain ~ Michael
Brothers: none
Sisters: Daemera (though she is a water elf), Andriel
Soul Siblings: Doesn’t have any that she knows of
Life mates: none
Children: Aphrael
Other Relatives: none

~ History ~
Skills: sword, archery, simple magic tricks
Personality: silly, loves to entertain, loves to dance
Character’s History: Was born into this world with an Elven mother and a Human father. A curse was put on the family by the man who was “in love” with the Queen. When she did not reciprocate his love, he vowed that what she held dear would be destroyed. That is when the three sisters (triplets) were put into hiding: one was a huntress, one was to a farmer, and one was a miller’s daughter. At the age of 16, Makaela is brought before the Queen and King to discuss her life. She was at a point where she had to learn the royal ways and then make a choice between the life she already had or for the new one. She ran away the night before her training started and ever since has been a rogue. She was living with the miller’s family because their daughter, born the same night was still-born and so it was easy for the switch. Since she ran away, she has pretty much been roaming the hills, often coming back to her home for a sense of peace and restoration . . but not for long because she feels she constantly has to move.
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Lady Silver
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