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Mariska Graves

Mariska Graves

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PostSubject: Nightshade.   Nightshade. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 26, 2011 10:27 pm

It would be early morning as Mariska would look up from the ground seeing the towering city gates before her eyes. The scent of Nightshade and belladonna all round her as she walked. Long flowing red hair would be in a nice tight braid away from her face. Frost blue eyes would hold little shine to them for the fact she is very tired from her long days of traveling and is looking to rest and recover from the trip. She had no idea where she was nor did she care at this given point and time all that mattered to her right now was rest and food and a bath. She would think to herself “I will find my family again someday and I will join them again and it will be a happy moment.” Her clothing made of gossamer silk and satin the colors being a bright blue with a trace of gold all over her belly dancing outfit. She would hold her brothers cloak that he gave her to hide most of herself from others. She would stop just short of the gate and leans on her staff for a moment looking all over the place seeing it was alive with people and other things to that sort going on. After several moments she would move in to the city looking around for a hotel to rest her head and clean up. It did not have to be fancy or anything like that it just had to have a bed and bath and that is all she could want. Seeing a hotel up ahead she would walk down the side walk and looks up at the hotel sign and smiles softly. She would walk into the hotel and pays for a room the hotel keep would look her up and down for a moment as she would take the key from him giving a slight look of don’t even think it as she would walk up stairs with cat like grace to her room. Once inside she would close the door and lock it. Walking to the bathroom to heat up the water for a well over due bath and to relax. Once the water was hot she would pour it into the tub and get undressed and sit down in the water pouring just a drop of rose scented oil into the water turning it to a slight pink in color. After sitting there for a few moments she would wash up and rise off and get out of the water. She would then reach down and pull the plug out of the tub and wrap a towel around her slender body as she would dry off and get dressed in a soft dark green night gown and lays on the bed to rest her head she would whisper to herself “I will explore more in the morning when I am not so tired.” With that she would close her eyes and drift off to sleep.
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PostSubject: Nightshade.   Nightshade. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 26, 2011 11:44 pm

She would open her frost blue eyes early in the morning a ray of sunlight would be shinning into the very dark room as she would roll over out of the bed and stands to her feet. With just a soft groan and stretch of her slender body. She would slip out of her dark green night gown and into a pair of dark travelers pants and a matching vest shirt and boots. She would gather up all her thick red hair and pull it up into a pony tail and tie it off with a ribbon of white with a few symbols of silver and gold hanging off it. She would gather her belongings and walk out of the room keeping the key with her as she would walk out of the hotel room she would stop at the front desk and pay for a whole week so at least she would have a place to go after her busy adventure of exploring the new city. With a slight smile on her lip she would step out side into the morning like seeing the streets already filled with people and it alive with sound and smells that are new to her. She would step slowly out into the street heading north of where she is to go enjoy a nice morning meal before she really done any thing else for the day. Her eyes would scan over the tall building and colors of the vast walls as she would feel a slight breeze as she would smile it would be a rather warm day but it would feel slightly cooler then what she is use to which did not bother her in the lest bit.
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