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 The forgotten one.

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Adrianna Marcus Dark

Adrianna Marcus Dark

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The forgotten one. Empty
PostSubject: The forgotten one.   The forgotten one. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 26, 2011 9:41 pm

Name: Adrianna Marcus Dark
Alias: Darkmoon
Age: 25
True Age: 700
Species: Demon
Height: 5’8
Weight: 130

Weapons: Shinto blade, Wakizashi, Throwing knives, Bladed whip
Powers: Dark/Unholy
Allignment: Unknown
Strengths: Unknown
Weaknesses: Holy
Quirks: licks her fangs before a fight
Friends: What are those?
Enemies: Heavens servants
Family: Don’t have one

History: Born in the darkness of the very pits of hell its self and cast out on to the world of man with only one mission to do and that is to tempt man to darkness and collect their souls when they die. But having plans of her own she would not do as the dark Lord had asked her and for that he punished her to imprisonment on the mortal plain of earth never to know death or to know peace until he called her forth once again. After several hundred years of being on the earth and having seen everything there was to see she put herself into state of sleep locked away in a tomb made of black crystal with a pentagram placed on it to keep her safe from others that may wish her harm. Guarded by her shadow dancer named Victor who watches over her keeping her safe until she awakens once again into the world.
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The forgotten one.
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