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 Hearing the dragons

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Hearing the dragons Empty
PostSubject: Hearing the dragons   Hearing the dragons I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 9:23 pm

Taking a walk down the city paths, she turns towards the castle and hears some roaring in the distance. She smiles, something sounding in the distance. Finally something of interest. Of course, this place was filled with wonders of the sky but she had not met anyone as of yet. She follows the noise to the west as it gradually grows louder. The back of her neck becomes warm as she is filled with anxiety and yet excitement. She stops at the stables, having gone quite a distance she wasn't sure she could find her way back. As she looks up, her jaw lowers; large beasts were sleeping. She had expected at least one horse, but what she finds is . . .there are not any easy words to describe the sights. Dragons, winged horses as well as a phoenix of a blue tint. Well now, that is an odd sight. She shakes her head, now that she has seen that her whole frame of mind needed to be looked at. What caught her eye most was a dragon that was dark as night, yet looks smooth as silk. It was smaller than she had expected and it was sleeping. She tries to figure out what made the loud roar, and realized it was the dragon sleeping. Still smiling, she walks around, taking in the sight of the creatures, her small feet taking tiny steps so as to not wake the creatures.
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Hearing the dragons
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