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 Dragon rider in training

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PostSubject: Dragon rider in training   Dragon rider in training I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 20, 2011 10:04 am

Waiting for her at the entrance of the castle, Night Fury and Night fire were sitting "quietly." Their draconic purrs could be heard several miles away, and it brought a smile to the ears of anyone who heard. Daemera jumps up excitedly as she is greeted especially by Night Fire. She runs over and hugs Night Fire's leg as he was still a good deal size bigger than she. She looked into his black eyes and it seemed as if the two were linked in an ancient way. "Hello my friend, and how are you?" She looks over at Night Fury, laughing "Don't worry, I have not forgotten you." Looking at the two of them, she stands there silent except for her thoughts "What shall be done today?" As if hearing her thoughts, Night Fire screeches and raises his head to the sky. A grin spreads across Daemera's aquatic blue face, her sea grey eyes shining. She lets out a loud and excited laugh in agreement. Night Fury bows down to let her climb on. With some difficulty . . . and some help from Night Fire, she climbs on. The two dragons let out a loud screech as they take off into the air and fly about the kingdom. Daemera lets out a cry of excitement as the wind runs its fingers through her seafoam green hair. She hangs on tightly as she is fearful, however, of falling; yet the slight draconic giggle in her mind from Night Fury sets her at ease.
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Dragon rider in training
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