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 Waiting for something of interest

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Waiting for something of interest  Empty
PostSubject: Waiting for something of interest    Waiting for something of interest  I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 5:12 pm

Silver walks up the beaten trail, the moon shining down on her midnight blue cloak, the silver rose as bright as the stars that fill the sky. Her face shadowed by the hood of her cloak, silver smiles gently. What would she see in the next few moments? Who would she see? Inside, she was anxious to see who was there, what was going on and at the same time, looking for rest. She pushes the door open with leather gloved hands and stands in the doorway. The din of the crowd was low and smoke filled the room as it was primarily men and the wenches of the tavern. She walks up to the bar and sits, waiting for the tender or waitress to come by and take her order. She pulls back her cloak and scans the room with her lavender eyes. SHe pulls back her long silver hair, letting it cascade down to her hips. She sits at the bar, her boots up against the chair legs but crosses them as she is after all a lady.
The waitress comes by and asks her for her order. "I would like some blue rose wine, if you have any." Her voice is barely audible but the words were very clear to the waitress. The waitress nods and walks away. Coming back with the drink, the waitress come back with her drink, holding her hand out for the 500 leiren for the bottle of wine. Silver pays, then smiles as she slowly opens the bottle. The aroma of roses wafts gently from the bottle and silver smiles even greater. She leans back and brings the bottle to her lips, letting the drink flow smoothly to her core.
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Waiting for something of interest
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