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PostSubject: Just Aura :)   Just Aura :) I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 28, 2010 5:17 pm

Name: Aurelia Melisande Cibrian
Alias: Aura, Mel, Hasi (only fr lovers)
Age: 25
True Age: 25
Species: Human
Height: 5'5 ½
Weight: 98 pounds
Affiliation: Neutral to good
Rank: practising sorceress

Weapons: her magic
*telekinesis (mild)
* spellcasting (mild)
* creating and breaking wards (strong)
* breaking curses (learning still)
* divination (average)
* element control (mild)
* dreamscape (weak)
* ghosties and ghowlies
* other things she still has to discover and learn (see, summon, capture and communicates)
Alignment: good
* quick legs
* smart
* her beautiful voice
* higher senses (because of blindness)
* quick reaction
* wisdom
* inner strength
* self control (most often)
* magic
* inner strength
* golden heart
* blindness
* weak physically
* no tolerance for violence
* catalepsy
* secretive

* runs away tactically if feels sad or bad in any way
* sings alone to herself
* hides her talents often
* plays with locks of her hair if nervous
* also nibbles corner of her lips if nervous
* tends to keep er fingers busy often like playing with small items or something like that when thinking
* many more

Friends: has many
Enemies: has a few


mother: Lucinda Marielle Lesqaut - deceased
father: Adrian Lucero Cibrian - gone


After a wild night with a handsome stranger that Lucinda spent, he seemed to disappear like a mist before the morning. After a little while, Lucy realised that neither of the two were careful and that she is pregnant. As if it was not enough, the doctors came to a resume that Lucinda's child has a disease. It resembles much of a Catalepsy but differs from it in some way. Regardless, the girl brought joy to Lucinda's life. Her birth was very complicated thought. She knew that if she is to give a birth, Lucinda can die, but she decided to save the girl not herself. Lucinda gave birth to an amazingly beautiful girl. Rumours has it, that at that night meteor rain has been. Lucinda named the girl Aurelia Melisande Cibrian. Rumours has it the girl was about to die during the birth - she was not breathing at all. The doctors guessed she had catalepsy attack but she was saved.Moments later after Aurelia came to the world,Lucinda slipped off into the deep coma. The girl has been kidnapped during the night. Lucinda's friends seemed to search every corner and it It took two to find Aurelia. She was with a pair of two vampires, healthy and find still. The vampire has been killed, the girl been brought back home. By the time Lucinda had already regained conciousness and was recovering extremely quickly. No one had ever told her that the girl was kidnapped, knowing she will begin to worry too much.

Aurelia seemed to be growing happily with her mother and her friends. She was one of these rae indigo children. Not only gifted by various talents, mind of an adult and endless energy but also gifted to be a part of Otherworld. When Aurelia attended to school she found a friend. Best friend that anyone could ever dream of. Rosalie was much like Aurelia - opened to anything, fun and loving life. By the time passing the two became best friends. Even attended to the same college. Everything seemed to change when both of them fell for the same guy. Aurelia being selfless never told her anything about her own feelings for Daniel. After the two married, Aurelia tactically and mysteriously left leaving no trails after herself. She decided to give herself into the deepening her knowledge and skills in magic stuff and lately is well known amongst the supernaturals and others who is a part of Otherworld. Rumour has it that she became a mate to a black dragon Damian and the two disappeared for good.
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Just Aura :)
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