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 Skyler Khan

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PostSubject: Skyler Khan   Skyler Khan I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 30, 2010 3:54 pm

Name: Skyler Khan
Nickname: Sky
Age: 24 (actual is around 256)
Species: 1/2 Human, 1/4 Fire Demon, 1/4 Arc-Angel
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 217 lbs
Hair type: Short, straight, platinum white
Eye color: Emerald Blue
Skin tone: Eggshell white

Affiliation (order, neutral, chaos): Chaos
Powers: Arcane, Divine, Spiritual. Cannot use psiotic power, or Gaia (earthlike) powers.
Strengths: Elemental Magic, Shadow Manipulation, Healing
Weakness: Cold, Beauty, and Family
Alliance Type (Holy, Good, Evil, Corrupt): Usually Corrupt, tendancies of Good
Friends: Any that wish to be.
Enemies: Usually they are dead. I do believe I have them though.
Special Quirks: Always has hot cocoa or Hydra Tear tea around on hand.

History of Character:

Skyler was born to Lexal Khan and Oron Khan on the planet Demigora on the Continent of Divide in the Stone Kingdom. His father, being an assassin/necromancer taught him everything he needed to know about fighting and killing. His mother, behing half fire demon and half arc-angel, taught him his natural powers. It was through his father, however, that he gained the alliance of the Shadow Realm and could use their secret ways of shadow manipulation. When he was old enough, his father taught him the ways of anti-matter, gravity, time, and magic, for his father had been captured and totured by scientists that knew how to manipulate such things. The true personal history is with Sky, and will only be revieled to those worthy. Just know, Skyler has been Banished by his father and now roams the realms and worlds, waiting to go home.

Way you rp:

Skyler sat upon the ground, watching the clouds walk by. His shadow cloak lay next to him, waiting for him to put it on. He was angry with the shadows, however, and refused to wear his gifted cloak. For many decades he'd traveled the stars, and still he felt he was being pushed further from home. Every time he tried to get close, he'd end up in some exotic new location, further from his goal. He was tired, and just wanted to go home to see his family. He sighed and looked up at the blue sun, "You are alone, yet surrounded. You and I are alot alike. Yet you were created by yourself to be alone. I was created with many around me. I am not meant to be alone."

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Skyler Khan
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