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 Meeting a fellow countryman

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Meeting a fellow countryman Empty
PostSubject: Meeting a fellow countryman   Meeting a fellow countryman I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 10:16 am

After entering the city's gates, she follows a noise into the heart of the city. Smiling, she realizes that she is headed towards the market place. Sighing, she remembers her days in Haldain with her love and all the trinkets he would buy her. But, those days are over. She is now only looking for something to eat. She stops at each one, first the trinkets, the bright and shiny baubles. Necklaces, earrings and other jewels fit for the Queen of the Universe . . . and yet, they meant nothing to Silver; just trinkets that would soon be lost in a fight or bet. She closes her eyes, letting the sounds of the bargains fill her ears, the smells of perfumes and her mind brings her back to her home. Sighing, she opens her eyes and continues forward. Her hood is drawn forward, shadowing her face, her lavender eyes glowing slightlly. She gasps as she smells the faint and favorite scent of apples. Oh! She did not know they had Melody Raine Apples. It was a very special and rare breed and yet she knew that smell anywhere. She made her way and found the vendor who sold the apples. Sighing, she looked at the prices, she didn't have that much. "Excuse me sir, how much for just one apple?" When he told her the price, she had just enough Silnorin. He looked her up and down and noticed her hair. "Hmmm, hair of silver. You are not from around here are you? Is it real silver or just color? M'lady, please move your hood back and let me get a look at you." She moves it back and lets her silver hair cascade. What did he want with her hair? Why was he asking in such a way? He looks at her closely, eyeing her up and down and making his assumptions. "Please, move your hair back. No mere human would have hair of such color." She does so and hears him gasp. "M'lady, move your hair from your neck and turn around." As she does so, he puts a hand to his mouth and then kneels with a bow. Silver looks around, "Please, don't do that. Not here. I am not who you think of." "But m'lady, you have the mark on your neck, so you are very well indeed who I KNOW you are." He points to the rose mark on the back of her neck. "Who are you?" "I am Maldorin, from your homeland . . . Haldain. I know you are Makaela, but better known as the silver child. Please, take as many apples as you would like. Do not worry about pay, you've paid enough. I know your day is busy and I will let you to your leave. Explore the city as it is most wonderful, M'lady." With this, she simply takes the one she had originally, bows her head with a smile and brings her hood back over her head; turning to go on her way. When the vendor looks down, he sees a small trinket of hers; a rose brooch that covered the tie on her cloak. He looks up and she is gone within the massive crowd.
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Meeting a fellow countryman
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