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 Daemera's applicaiton

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PostSubject: Daemera's applicaiton   Daemera's applicaiton I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 23, 2010 3:06 pm

Basics ~
Name: Daemera
Alias: Dae
Age: 487 yrs old
Gender: Female
Class: Royalty, though lived in poverty and low class
Race: Peralda (human father, elven mother); water elf through transformation
Alignment: Good

~ Appearance ~
Height: 5’9”
Eyes: Sea grey
Hair Color: seafoam green with reds, purples, and glittered locks
Hair Style: Long, wavy with slight curl at the end
Complexion: blue with scales
Build: Thin, but muscular
Scars: Emotional

~ Personal ~
Weapons: none
Clothing: Algea looking dress, tapered from the right knee slanting down towards the left, sleeveless, modest front and back.
Important Items: Necklace with a lily charm, given to her by her mother at the age of 5 before being taken into captivity. The necklace was sold later by her master, Menish.
Magic: can control any form of water; gas, liquid, solid.
Dialects Spoken: English and Elven, but only a few words will be or may be spoken in Elven.

~ Self ~
Fear: Menish, though deceased. Her attitude is one of servitude, she knows nothing else.
Dislike: Being treated with little or no regard
Like: selfless creatures, dragons
Quirks: silly at times
Flaws: doesn’t trust very easily, prefers to be alone, yet longs for someone to talk to.

~ Family ~
Mother: Elven, Queen of Haldain ~ Elira, replaced with the farmer's wife: Elni
Father: Human, King of Haldain ~ Michael, replaced with the miller: Hrace
Brothers: none
Sisters: Never met them
Soul Siblings: NA
Life mates: none
Children: none
Other Relatives: none

~ History ~
Skills: simple magic tricks
Personality: very child-like
Character’s History: Was born into this world with an Elven mother and a Human father. A curse was put on the family by the man who was “in love” with the Queen. When she did not reciprocate his love, he vowed that what she held dear would be destroyed. That is when the three sisters (triplets) were put into hiding: one was a huntress, one was to a farmer, and one was a miller’s daughter. At the age of 5, Daemera's parents were killed in a house fire. Daemera escaped because she was sleeping in the barn with the horses she so dearly loved. She loved nature, and of course it was in her blood as she was part elven. Those that killed her family were in search of Daemera and found her hiding in the dark stall in the back of the barn. The horses were let go and there was none left to protect Dae or to take her to safety. She was sold as a slave to Menish for 100 Kiron. She was given a drink that changed her to a water elf, starting with the scales. It is irreversible and so she lives in the water. Two warriors came and defeated Menish to free Daemera. The second one defeating him with death. She is now hopes to train and be reunited with a dear friend.
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Daemera's applicaiton
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