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 A soft and silent entrance

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A soft and silent entrance Empty
PostSubject: A soft and silent entrance   A soft and silent entrance I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 21, 2010 10:15 am

The sky, crisp and blue with clouds placed delicately and purposely in their spots, is calm and serene. Something out of a painting it was; perfect. A figure clad in a midnight blue cloak with a silver rose upon the back walks up to the city gates and looks within. The sun's rays illuminating her silver hair, there is a certain sheen to it. She smiles as she pays the guards with respect and a small curtsie. In turn, they nod their heads, yet keeping their watch. Her gait is sure and steady as the wind plays with her hair, twirling through it and running its thin fingers through. She smiles as the wind leads her into the city. Her lavender eyes gaze about the city; the tall buildings, the wide streets, and the people of all sorts of occupations and life styles. It indeed was a busy city. She brushes her hair back, placing the long locks behind her ears, the tips of her points showing slightly. The sun's warmth feels good on her pale skin. As men and women walk past her, they nod in greetings and acknowledgement. "My! They were a friendly folk." She might decide to stay here, if there was a reason to keep her. Her small pink mouth formed in a smile at the thought of many years ago when she did have a reason to stay, but was gone with a single arrow. With that, so was her smile and she continues on her exploration of the city.
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A soft and silent entrance
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